Excellent relationships with a comprehensive range to production partners have been developed which can be searched by product groups, quality standards, capacities, etc.

​New production partner are continuosly researched and developed who go through our detailed evaluation and audit processes.

Any approved production partners has to satisfy the audit requirements with the combination of technical & social standards, management and control processes.


Quality controllers perform all required in-line and final inspections up until shipment.

​AQL standards are strictly followed during all inspections.

​Inspection results are reported to the client to offer a total transparency.


We aim to turn the principles of social compliance into a corporate culture. Therefore social compliance standards are applied within to production partners .

​The production partners are guided, trained, evaluated and audited in accordance with social (such as BSCI, Sedex, specific requirements, etc.) and ecological ( such as CPI2 , etc. ) standards of clients.